Do you ever wonder about ends meet? Like what if the beginning and the end Go together like a round piece of meat? Or, have you ever heard Of the smallest herd? Or about to, too, and two. Like how everyone but you Can go through, And you’re struck, right? Trying to think of something […]

Fanfiction… ?

You did indeed read that title right.

Okay, so fanfiction is really where I got my start in writing. Honest. My first book was a giant fanfction novel until I realized that I couldn’t publish it that way. I have not written any fanfiction in years, but because of some recent activity on my account on fanfiction.net, I decided to pick it up again. And since it’s short stories and series written by me, I thought, “Hey, let’s put this on my website, too! Because that would be awesome, and amazing, and not completely freaky and unprofessional and scare all of my fans away!”

… So, I will be putting up a fanfiction story here or there from time to time.

Don’t worry, I wont be putting  up all of my fanfiction work on here, just the really cool and neat ones that are more or less pg. But, if you ever want to read all of my work, my user name on Fanfiction.net is WriterBJones (formerly bjjoke).