Mina’s Friend

Why can’t I go? If my friend is telling the truth, then there is an enchanted place. Somewhere, out there. But, If she’s lying, Then my heart is broken, And my soul is stolen, And I will live forever insane. _ (Pulled from one of my writing journals during  my teen years. As is the […]

Feel Different

Image by IHeXeDI He. Eheh… Um… So, while surfing my own webpages on the internet (someone has to), I came across this journal entry from Deviant Art. … Yeah, this was the year I graduated highschool… Hey, we all make bad decisions as teens, mine were just… Slightly more inner hateful than most… “April 15, […]

My Dearest Mina

My dearest Mina, Your eyes were a soft blackness That glowed through the night. Your hair, A raven’s silk mane. Oh sweet, gentle Mina, tell me of all your accomplishments. Dearest friend, let me know of your caring. Poe’s beast, with feathers like ink, Are a butterfly’s wing beat, Compared to your lily white kisses. […]